Friday, May 18, 2007


So I was thinking a lot about our curriculum, about the flyer, and about what we need to say to parents.

The flyer isn't clear enough that we are "special needs." When we walk up to the flyer, the first things that need to catch people's eyes are:

Special Needs Kids
Summer Innova-Play Group
North Shore Area

Everything else they can read about in the flyer, after they STOP to look at it! We have to think of our target audience:

Family members of special needs needs kids in the north shore area looking for some enriching summer programming for their kids

So we think of this scenario: Our flyers are posted at a library. A mom is there walking past. She sees our key word: Special Needs Kids. Her sister has a daughter with down syndrome. She also sees "Summer Innova-Play Group" and "North Shore Area" and is intrigued that this maybe just what her niece needs and what her sister has been looking for. She walks closer and begins to read our flyer.

At this point, she wants to know more about us:

Where is this class?
When is the class taking place?
How much is it?
Why would THIS be great for her niece?
Who is teaching the class?

Our flyer has to have these things "pop out" for her.

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